Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a diverse film and television composer and artist. His main instrumentas are guitar and bass. Besides instrumental albums, he also composes and produces music for film, television and media. With over 30 years experience, he also played guitar in many bands, locally, regionally and nationally. Chris studied music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he has recorded seven instrumental albums, and has over 700 pieces of music published worldwide. His music has been placed in local and national radio commercials as well as several presentation events and local, national and international television, for instance on AMC, IFC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MTV, VH1, TELEMUNDO, HBO and many more. Chris' musical styles range from Rock, Blues, Southern Rock, Experimental, and Progressive to Electronica and Techno, but he has also written and recorded with R&B and Rap/Hip Hop artists.