Justin Lepard is an innovating cellist residing in Los Angeles. He grew up in Nebraska, where he started cello at four years old. He began songwriting at thirteen, and at sixteen dedicated his life to the cello. Growing up in the midwest gave Justin a unique perspective in his musical path - as Middle America is a crossroads for all sorts of coastal cultural influences.
Justin's music explores nuances of various "existential hooks" that he has felt permeates music beyond the cultural elements of genre. As such, he offers a unique brand of "sonic" improvisation to an already diverse catalogue of playing. This type of playing can help bring out the existential, human elements in sample based music that has a tendency to be "too clean." His ear for sound and pitch and technical prowess makes these parts fit into the little crevasses of the scores and songs of which it's a part. A special relationship to cello as it is used in production allows a broad range of freedom in collaboration.
Justin's original music is as familiar as it is novel, pulling together jazz, classical, classic rock, and contemporary classical sensibilities with a psychedelic pull to the cello parts. He can be heard as a soloist on the films Human Sun (2018), Little Fig (2019), For The Love (2019), Disney+'s Togo (2019), Oh Crappy Day (2020), and The Invisible Man (2020).