Marika Takeuchi

Marika Takeuchi is contemporary composer, film composer, music producer, and pianist. Her early career in Japan includes composing additional music for NHK FM's radio shows, and songwriting for Universal Music Japan's singer Nami Tamaki's album "Step". After moving to the U.S, she has released five albums of her modern classical compositions. Her second album "Impressions" was nominated for Best Neo-classical Album at the 10th Zone Music Reporter music awards, as well as Album of the Year in the 4th Annual Reviews New Age Awards. Her third album, "Rain Stories," was released in 2014 on MRG Recordings. Her fourth album, "Colors in the Diary," which is produced by Will Ackerman, and features Eugene Friesen and Boston Symphony Orchestra violinist Si-Jing Huang, was released in April 2016.
Takeuchi has also scored several films and advertisements. She wrote music for the Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sørgjerd/TSO Photography's time-lapse video The Arctic Light. This composition was later released as a single, and has been featured in many short films and advertisements around the world, including a TV commercial for Curtin University in Australia, the Norwegian Tourist Board (Visit Norway), and others. She has scored several award-winning short films, including More Than One, directed by Takahisa Shiraishi. She is a supporter of marine life conservation, and has written music for Whale and Dolphin Conservation's DVD release A Whale of Time in the Gulf of Maine.