Silvio Buchmeier

Inspired by his background in jazz and improvisation, Silvio Buchmeier composes intuitively and uninhibited by genre-imposed boundaries. His credits include three feature length films, all of which have been released theatrically in Switzerland. The most recent one was "Monte Iato - The Story of an Excavation," directed by his long-time collaborator Andreas Elsener. Other feature collaborations include the mystery thriller "Folie à deux" by Fabian Schneeberg, and "Durch die Nacht," a nocturnal drama for which he once again collaborated with Andreas Elsener.
Also an avid composer of classical music, Silvio premiered his string quartet "Jardin intérieur" on April 18, 2019 in New York, where it was performed by the renowned JACK string quartet. His composition "Unsere Geschichten" for choir and string quartet was part of the Intercultural Weeks About-us! and was presented in Zurich in September 2019.