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Partners & Clients

From record releases to film scores and countless music for tv/film/games -
our clients and partners include:





What others say

"Wirsig takes the soul of sound and uses it as a weapon"
(Jaded Culture)

„The 13 Crystal Skulls is a gem of an instrumental album…in the way of Brian Eno and Trent Reznor“
(One On One Music)

"I chose Chris for this project because I was interested in working with a composer who had a background in electronic music. I wanted a score that could feel both menacing and modern, with a dense texture and a sort of rhythm to it, while being sparse and claustrophobic at the same time. That's a lot of different ideas to ask for from one composer, especially for a short film, but Chris and I got on the same page pretty fast, and my notes got fewer and fewer. By the time he sent me the music for the end credits, I had no notes at all. It was perfect. It was all perfect."
(Mark Tapio Kines, writer/director "20 Matches")

haunting and somber vibe (...) melancholic and bittersweet"
(Huffington Post)

“…no:carrier: great melodies, sophisticated lyrics, gripping songs, experimental hints. (The songs) catch the listener and won’t let him go so soon.”
(Dark Spy)

“Slathered in dripping gothesque, no:carrier add a wonderful splash of purple to the day. (…) over the mesmeric music lays a vocal pulling the listener into a hypnosis of expectation.”
(Indie Bands Blog)

"...the group has fantastically found a way to stand out from the pack by taking all of the history before them to create something new. (…) no:carrier have taken bits and pieces from every single aspect of electronic music, and created something purely and of their own.”
(The Big Takeover)

Recent music placements and custom productions

Cat Dexx: Inkosi
Chris Wirsig composed and produced the original music - a hybrid of African music and orchestral/electronic score - for this award winning short movie about a female ex-soldier, devoted to protecting the wildlife in Africa from poachers.
In film festivals now.

Trick Of The Old Cat
Chris Wirsig composed and produced the original score for this short movie. An urban fantasy about a regular working day in the life of guardian angels, in film festivals now.

The Challenge 32: Final Reckoning
Music for the 32. season of the hit game show on MTV.

The Challenge 31: Vendettas
Music for the 31. season of the hit game show on MTV.

The Volunteers
Two-part documentary about medical volunteers in war-torn Syria.

UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Till
UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Machida
UFC Fight Nights with Chris Wirsig's track "Blockbuster".

Mariah's World
The successful reality tv series "Mariah's World" featured music Chris Wirsig produced especially for the project. The show originally aired on E! starting December 4, 2016, with broadcasts worldwide to follow.

Nadya's Identity Files - Title Theme
Chris Wirsig wrote and produced the title theme for Nadya Rousseau's talkshow about identity, airing live every Tuesday on WCOBM and later available on demand.

Kaspersky Lab: Digital Companions
one of our orchestral/electronic tension cues was used to underline the research and conclusions in this corporate video about smartphones and how they have become people's friends.

Listen to more tension cues directly on our SourceAudio page.

My Fighting Season
The documentary series "My Fighting Season" (Audience Network), follows American soldiers in Afghanistan, with footage captured from on the ground cameras. Songs from our album "The 13 Crystal Skulls" have been featured in three episodes.

Check out the album "The 13 Crystal Skulls":
Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

20 Matches
Chris Wirsig composed and produced the score for the award-winning, creepy mystery short movie about a serial killer in Vienna by writer/director Mark Tapio Kines.

Selection in over 20 film festivals
Winner "Best Super Short Film", Anchorage International Film Festival
Winner "Judges Special Recognition", Ballston Spa Film Festival
Winner "Best Actress", Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival
Winner "Audience Award", HorrorHaus Film Festival
Winner "Best Short Film", Shivers Filmfestival
Nominated for "Best Score", HorrorHaus Film Festival

Alien Tribe 2
a critically acclaimed space exploration and strategy game for the iPad and iPhone:
Top 10 in Games/Strategy in more than 35 contries
Top 10 in Games/Simulation in more than 30 countries
Top 50 in Games/Overall in more than 25 countries

music and sound fx production

Text Anywhere
Music production for the company's image video
Watch the video here

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latest library albums

Pleasure And Pain -
Classic Goth Rock
Harsh, hybrid tension tracks for dystopian worlds
 listen & license

Pulsing Tension 3
Tension cues with tribal drums, chants and orchestral/
electronic elements
 listen & license

Dystopia Unfold
Harsh, hybrid tension tracks for dystopian worlds
 listen & license

Tribal Tension
Tension cues with tribal drums, chants and orchestral/
electronic elements
 listen & license

Pulsing Tension 2
brooding, eerie, always tension focused and dramatic
 listen & license

Dying Dreams:
Dystopian Electropop
Electropop/Electropunk with a rough, underground edge
 listen & license

Hybrid Tension 2
hybrid electronic/orchestral
tension, action & trailer cues
 listen & license

Asylum For Night People:
80's Dark Wave Underground
gloomy songs from the birth of
the Goth/Dark Wave scene
 listen & license

Sensing Danger
hybrid electronic/orchestral cues
 listen & license

Twiddle Lee Dee
dark swagger electropop
with haunting vocals
 listen & license

Pulsing Tension
electronic/orchestral cues for anticipation and suspense
 listen & license

Urban Creep
hip hop & urban influenced
tension cues
 listen & license

Brooding Synth Pop
dark synth pop and edm for intense and nervous scenes
 listen & license

Rising Tension 2
big orchestral cues for trailers, action, drama
 listen & license

Electronica - Vol. 2
style of Autechre, Aphex Twin, Future Sound Of London
 listen & license

Dark Ambient Drones
minimal piano to processed drums & harsh synths in the vein of Trent Reznor, Dave Porter, Skinny Puppy
listen & license

Starshot - Electronic Instrumentals
classic electronic music, style of Tangerine Dream, Stranger Things...
listen & license

haunting, big building cover version of the goth rock classic
listen & license

Chasing Tears
songs in the style of Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba
listen & license

nightmarish electronic/orchestral tension and horror cues
listen & license

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latest releases

no:carrier & Scilla
Chasing Tears
trip hop | electro jazz

Chris Wirsig

electronic | instrumental

no:carrier, Mills, Nadia S

epic | orchestral | Cure cover

Bad Moon Rising

darkwave | electropop | synthpop


Chris Wirsig
Signals From...

electronic | instrumental


Broken Rainbow

darkwave | electropop | synthpop


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